2. Raw materials preparation



The rubber base is mixed with a vulcanizing agent and a colorant.


At that time there is the electronic control of the material supply to the mixing procedure, ratio control of ingredients and then the results of mixing are checked on the plastograph.


1. Raw materials acceptance



The received raw materials enter the gravity storage, where the storage is more efficient.


The warehouse complies with the FIFO standard: the raw materials consignment which came first, will go to production earlier.


At this stage, the Japanese poka yoke method is used. It translates as mistake proofing. This method helps to avoid human error or detect them in time.


Also the ERP system of resource and product quality management starts to work at the stage of acceptance.


3. Pressing



Prepared raw materials pass to the stage of direct production.


At the same time, the Stroymash company uses modern technologies, including injection molding, compression pressing in vacuum.


For pressing there is a special new equipment of the European manufacturers DESMA (Germany) and MAPLAN (Austria). They are: vertical injection molding machines with a cold channel, horizontal injection machines, presses for two-component molding.


5. Technical quality control



The Stroymash company pays special attention to quality control.


Each part is checked by special equipment.


KaliX and ScrappiX machines from UTP vision (Italy) are used for the products of different sizes.


After the machine control, the quality control department staff tests the hardness, dimensions, appearance of the products manually.





4. Deflashing and Post-curing process



Special installations of PUMA (Italy) with a volume of 200 liters and MEWO (Germany) of 20 liters and 40 liters are used for the cryogenic stripping of parts from the deburring and burrs.



Fully automatic post-curing process is performed with the help of Sermac equipment (Italy).