First of all, we want our customers to trust us and to be pleased.


The basis of healthy partnerships is quality products and punctual deliveries.


The construction department of the company participates in the development with the manufacturers. So our general mechanical rubber goods are fully compatible with the customers’ mechanisms.


To supply the goods to our partners on time, we have our own logistics service, which operates according to the strict standards.







Improving the product quality is of great importance to us.


We know that this is possible only with the use of high technologies.


To do this we follow the new technical trends on the global market and implement improvements in our company.


We constantly conduct laboratory researches of raw materials and finished products, purchase new equipment models, implement management, quality control and product storage systems. For example, the ERP system and the addressed storage system.










The goal of our company is to be the best in our field and to bring the general mechanical rubber goods market to a new level by our own example.


In 17 years we went from a start-up company on the market to the recognized industry leader in Russia.


And we do not want to stop at this.


Our team is focused on the future. So we use innovations, modern technologies and strive to expand the boundaries of the market.












The employees are the soul of our company.


Many of them work in the company Stroymash since its foundation. So we work together as one big family.


Our specialists have many years of experience and know their business.


At the same time, they are always open to innovations, they are perfectly able to work with the most modern machines.


The company's management motivates and encourages the employees. Such methods stimulates them to work harder and better.