Stroymash prefers to manufact products with the use of modern materials which ensure that the parts meet the technical requirements.

Some of the most common materials in our production are silicone and fluorosilicone.


These are excellent materials for modern technological general mechanical rubber goods.


Fluorosilicone is produced on the basis of high molecular weight organosilicon compounds, and in appearance it is similar to synthetic or conventional natural rubber.


The products made of silicone and fluorosilicone have a special chemical structure and therefore have many advantages over the analogues:


resistance to temperatures (from -60 ° С to + 200 ° С, and the special types of rubber -

   from -90 ° С to + 300 ° С);

long service life even in aggressive environments (oil, gasoline, fuel, gases);

flexibility and elasticity due to low compression deformation (5-15% in fluorosilicone,

   while in conventional rubbers this figure reaches 40-60%);

durability (up to 35 years);

high oil and gasoline resistance of fluorosilicone;

no smell;

environmentally friendly, non-toxic.


Thanks to a special composition of rubber the company's products glow under UV light.


This indicates the product authenticity and protects against counterfeiting.

In addition, our technologists are not limited to silicone and fluorosilicone in the production.




We work with all materials of the modern general mechanical rubber goods market.